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    O`NEAL - tai Jungtinių Amerikos Valstijų įmonė. Tai viena pirmųjų pasaulyje motokroso aprangos gamintojai, kurie nuo 1960 visus stebina išskirtinai aukšta kokybe ir gera kaina. 
    Jim O’Neal from California/USA was one of the first MX riders and turned his hobby into profession. His sons Jim jr. and Keith have discovered their passion for mountain biking in the 1980s. Today – with the age of 66 years – Jim O’Neal still rides motorbikes nearly everyday. He and his sons truely represent a unique and enduring passion for 2-wheel off road sports. 

    In Europe O’NEAL MTB represents freeride, DH and endure mountain biking. With O’NEAL Team riders such as Greg Minnaar from South Africa, James Doerfling from Canada and Jacub Vencl from Czech Republic, as well as countless grass-roots sponsored riders, O’NEAL MTB understands what it takes to keep riders on top of their game and strive to contribute to the sport as it continues to progress. 45 years on andO’NEAL is still pushing the boundaries of our sport and continuing to set new standards!

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