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kategorija : T3B

Jei jūsų prioritetas yra praktiškumas, patikimumas ir maksimali nauda, "Access 650i LT EPS Shade" yra jūsų akivaizdus mėgstamiausias ATV. Dėl stabilios važiuoklės su išplėstine važiuoklės baze ir elektriniu perjungiamu 2x4 / 4x4 pavarų su užraktu diferencialu galima valdyti kiekvieną reljefą, elektrinis vairo mechanizmas užtikrina lengvą valdymą ir itin patogų važiavimą.


Engine Type: 4-stroke single-cylinder, SOHC, 4 valves, EFI
Volume: 608 ccm
Max. performance: 35 kW (off road)
A compression ratio: 11.0: 1
Ignition: CDI
Cooling: liquid, electric fan

Drive system

Drive: 2x4 / 4x4, electrically switchable
Transmission: automatic CVT - reverse gear (L / H / N / R)
Differential cap: yes, electric control
End transfer: cardan


EPS: Electric power steering
Suspension Front: independent double A-arms
Rear Suspension: independent double A-arms
Front Suspension: hydraulic shock absorbers, five-position spring preload
Suspension rear: hydraulic shock absorbers, five-position spring preload
Suspension stroke P / Z: 254 mm / 254 mm
Front brakes: 2x hydraulic disc
Rear brakes: 2x hydraulic disc
Tire Front: AT 25 x 8 - 12
Rear Tires: AT 25 x 10 - 12

Dimensions and weights

Total length: 2170 mm
Total width: 1200 mm
Total height: 1252 mm
Light height: 300 mm
Wheelbase: 1260 mm
Weight without filling: 344 kg
Fuel tank: 21 liters

Other features

Tachometer / tachometer: analog / digital

Legislation and certification

Approvals: yes (driving license of group B - car)
Registration mark (license plate): in the price (you will receive a copy of the technical card when handing over the machine)


12-inch alloy wheels, electric power steering, homologated towing equipment, 2500 lbs power reel, front and rear luggage carrier, front protection frame.


Reliable single-cylinder engine

The liquid-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder has sufficient power and high torque. Electronic fuel injection Bosch ensures optimum composition and easy starting even at low temperatures. The cylinder is provided with a special ceramic coating that improves cooling and reduces wear on the cylinder. The forged piston has higher strength and increased heat resistance. The balancing shaft  greatly reduces  vibrations, while the flexibility of the ride also contributes to the elasticity of the engine and a comfortable electric start.


Electric power steering

Electric power steering means safe and comfortable and safe driving. Thanks to the power steering, it is maneuvering in heavy terrain and easy and easy to drive. However, the accessory also acts as a shock absorber for the handlebars and increases the safety of the ride: if the front wheel touches a hidden stone or a hole, the blow will not pull the handlebars out of hand, because most of the energy will pick up the booster.


2WD / 4WD drive with differential lock

The electrically switchable 2x4 / 4x4 drive is complemented by two differentials, one on the front and the other on the rear axle. This technically the most sophisticated solution makes it easy to handle all terrain situations and also provides very easy steering and virtually velvet ride along the plane and curves. Optimum power transmission is ensured by a reliable automatic two-speed CVT gearbox with a reverse gear, a motor brake and a centrifugal clutch.


Extended chassis

The LT version offers even more passenger space on a separate raised seat and more space for the driver to control the quad. The extended chassis also provides greater confidence in steep slopes while preserving superb handling of short models. In the field you will also appreciate the small turning radius, large clear height, high suspension strokes and comfortably set suspension of independently suspended wheels with five-position adjustable suspension.


Disc brakes on all wheels

The efficient braking system with disc brakes on all wheels with shaped discs and armored hoses ensures a strong, convincing and precisely measurable braking effect. When hiking the hills, you will also be helped by an efficient engine brake.


Modern lighting

Dual front lights feature powerful projector lenses. Blinkers and rear / brake lights with advanced LED technology have minimal power consumption and high luminance to increase visibility and safety.



Multifunction LCD display

The modern, multifunctional LCD display provides all the necessary information: digital speedometer, analogue tachometer, clock, total and daily mileage meter, hour counter, EFI indicator, speed limiter warning light, 2WD / 4WD drive indicator, differential lock indicator, fuel gauge and indicator lights


Winch 2500 lbs

Reliable, 12-volt, high-power 2500 lbs reel and 15-meter steel cable have enough force to pull the quad bike out of every situation. Remote control of the reel on the handlebars.


Towing gear

The high-torque and all-wheel drive SHADE has more than enough power to tow heavy trailers and attachments. A tightly bolted sphere contributes to the high stiffness of the whole set.