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TGB įkurta 1978 metais, specializuojasi keturračių , motorolerių  variklių  gamyboje. Turėdami keletą dešimtmečių gamybos patirties, TGB teikia aukšto lygio produktus visame pasaulyje. Populiariausi TGB keturračiai yra universalūs su nepriklausoma priekine ir galine pakaba, galingi EFI varikliai, moderni konstrukcija ir patrauklus dizainas. S


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TGB BLADE 600 LT-EFI 4X4, MATT GRAY, EURO 4 keturratis


Type:four-stroke single cylinder SOHC, EFI
Volume:561 cm 3
Bore x stroke:Ø 95 x 79.2 mm
A compression ratio:10.2: 1
Performance:42.7 hp (31.4 kW) / 7000 rpm (off-road)
Max. torque:53.6 Nm / 5500 rpm (off-road)
Cooling:liquid + oil + electric fan

Drive system

Drive:2x4 / 4x4, electrically switchable
Transmission:automatic - CVT variator with reverse, L / H / N / R / P + engine braking
Differential lock:front, electrically operated
 - front and rear axle , electrically operated (version L7e)
Final Gear:cardan joint front and rear


Front suspension:independent double A-arms
Rear suspension:independent double A-arms
Suspension front:hydraulic shock absorbers + five-position adjustable spring preload
Suspension rear:hydraulic shock absorbers + five-position adjustable spring preload
Front brakes:2x hydraulic disc
Brakes, rear:1x hydraulic disc
Front tires:AT25 x 8-12
Tires rear:AT25 x 10-12

Dimensions and weights

Total length:2280 mm
Overall width:1250 mm
Total height:1420 mm
Light height:320 mm
Seat height:940 mm
Wheelbase:1450 mm
Operating weight:438 kg
Fuel tank:18 l

Apparatus and lighting


Digital multifunction display with functions: tachometer, speedometer, maximum achieved engine speed, maximum achieved speed, average speed, 2 mileage recorders, total mileage recorder, daily mileage recorder, total mileage recorder, fuel gauge, onboard clock

Indicators:4x4 drive, gear shift, engine overheating, engine oil, direction indicators, lighting
Lighting:projector headlights, LED daytime running lights, LED indicators, tail and brake lights


Homologated towing hitch, electric differential lock, electric 2x4 / 4x4 switching, armored brake hoses, attractive 8-spoke aluminum discs, branded 25 "tires, handlebar grips, robust front bumper, front and rear luggage rack, separate passenger seat with handles and backrest, quality reel 3000 lbs, 12V dash socket 10A 120W, LED daytime running lights.

The popular Extended Blade with a powerful 600cc
TGB Blade engine has earned the reputation of a powerful, durable, reliable and hardworking quad that can withstand the rough handling. Utility-recreational Blade 600 LT comes equipped with advanced technology, rich equipment and extended chassis. The biggest draw is undoubtedly the new powerful 600cc engine with high tractive power and impressive acceleration. The well-equipped quad bike excels in extraordinary dexterity, easy and pleasant driving and especially great price-quality-utility ratio. The wide track and modern independent high-altitude IRS all-wheel suspension give the ATVs high stability and excellent off-road permeability.

Colors: WhiteMatte black

WE RECOMMEND - aluminum chassis covers SHARK

Shark aluminum chassis covers are the best way to protect the underside of your quad from damage from stones, rocks, stumps and fallen logs. Housings made of durable lightweight 4mm aluminum aircraft are equipped with mounting holes for easy maintenance of the ATV without the need to remove covers. Contact your regional TGB dealer.  More information...

New 600cc engine

New 600cc engine

More power, more work, more fun. The biggest advantage of the new model is undoubtedly a brand new liquid-cooled 600cc engine, in which TGB engineers have embedded a number of modern technologies. These include, for example, a new four-valve head, combined liquid and oil cooling with two separate coolers. Siemens electronic fuel injection ensures high performance, high tractive power and torque at every engine speed, reliable starting in summer and winter, reduced emissions and low fuel consumption.

Redesigned undercarriage

Redesigned undercarriage

Altered chassis geometry, new front suspension, redesigned steering geometry and new shock absorber settings give the ATVs precise steering, playful handling and significantly improved stability in rough terrain and sports riding. Excellent terrain permeability allows modern independent suspension of all IRS wheels with wide track width and high ground clearance.

4x4 drive with two differentials (L7e)

4x4 drive with two differentials (L7e)

A great advantage of the Blade 600i is the unique dual-drive drive system - front and rear. In the toughest terrain, you will also appreciate the ability to quickly lock the electrical shutters of each of the two differentials. This makes the Blade 600i very user-friendly and allows you to precisely configure the drive for any terrain and situation. On the one hand, it provides perfect all-wheel traction and excellent throughput on rough terrain, while also providing an extremely refined and calm ride and amazing driving pleasure. There is also a 2x4 / 4x4 front-wheel electric connection at the touch of a button on the handlebars, as well as a modern independent all-wheel suspension with wide track width and high ground clearance.

Powerful disc brakes

Powerful disc brakes

The powerful three-disc hydraulic braking system with bored discs and high braking power gives you confidence and confidence in hard work, driving with a heavy trailer, or pushing your driving limits. Armored tubing brakes allow sensitive dosing and perfect braking control.

Modern luggage racks

Modern luggage racks

Modern carriers made of high-quality plastic have high load-bearing capacity, excellent scratch resistance, unlike steel carriers they do not rust, and even look good over the years.

Modern LED lighting

Modern LED lighting

Attractive LED daytime running lights impress at first glance. Together with the dual LED rear lights and LED flasher lights, the TGB Blade 600 is now even more mature and even more attractive. And when the sun sets, powerful twin projector headlamps will always help you find your way home.

Multifunction LCD display

Multifunction LCD display

Accurate information whenever you need it. The modern multifunctional LCD display is not only easy to read but also beautiful, and offers many features such as a digital tachometer, digital speedometer, maximum engine speed, maximum speed achieved, average speed, 2 odometer, total odometer, mileage hours meter, total mileage counter, fuel gauge, on-board clock and all necessary lights.

Top equipment

Top equipment

There are not many ATVs that offer as rich standard equipment as the TGB Blade 600i LT at an already attractive base price: front differential lock, 2x4 / 4x4 power switch, armored brake hoses, attractive 8-spoke aluminum discs, branded 25 " tires, hand and lever protectors, massive front bumper, front and rear luggage racks, separate passenger seat with handles and backrest, homologated towbar and a reliable 3000lbs traction winch.