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TJD XTRACK 4S TRACK MY2017 (INCL. ADAPTERS) vikšrai keturračiui


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TJD XTRACK 4S TRACK MY2017 (INCL. ADAPTERS) vikšrai keturračiui

All-season UTV tracks for truly year-round use, for most 4x4 utility UTVs, robust high-performance design, superior flotation, low rolling resistance, low center of gravity, quick and easy installation and removal, approved / street legal, incl. adapters

Manufacturer: TJD
Product Code: G242-XX-1817-M
Product EAN : 8595154120701
Shipping Weight: 200 kg

UTV Tracks TJD XTRACK 4S, incl. adapters

UTV tracks that grip and go anywhere. Canadian TJD Xtrack 4S tracks for all-wheel-drive UTVs allow a truly year-round use, in the winter, spring and summer, on snow, mud, gravel and sand. TJD Xtrack 4S tracks have many advantages over snowmobiles, from significantly lower purchase costs up to possibility to ride on any surface, even snow free. You can go just about anywhere. Fast and easy swap from wheels to tracks and back again. Approved and street legal.


  • For most 4x4 UTVs
  • Robust high-performance design
  • Great versatility, stability and handling on any terrain
  • Outstanding traction for heavy hauling and pulling
  • Precise steering
  • Low center of gravity for greater stability
  • Superior flotation
  • Optimum speed in any conditions and immediate throttle response
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Engine power-specific gearing
  • Superior shock absorption and reduced vibration for smoother ride, more comfort and less fatigue
  • Puncture-proof Absorb® tires on tension wheels to effectively absorbs shocks and improve ride comfort
  • Sealed hubs and triple bearing design with oil bath lubrication for a reliable year-round use
  • High reliability and easy maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation and removal
  • Including adapters
  • Homologated for street use

Note: Adapters are not interchangeable with older TJD adapters

Manufacturer: Camso Canada (TJD)